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Make me a cow near Yogi Adityanath's home in next birth; Man tells Yamraj his last wish

19, Apr 2017 By manishpaul

With the recent focus on beef ban and Gau Rakshak squads gaining prominence, the rising status of cows has left people and animals jealous and deprived of attention. The issue has gained so much importance that even Yamraj, the god responsible for taking humans to heaven and hell, hasn’t been spared.

In a bizarre incident, a man named Gaushal has claimed that he saw Yamraj calling out his name to leave the Earth, but he set a condition in front of Yamraj as his last wish if he wanted to take him away. When Yamraj asked Gaushal about his wish, Gaushal told him that he wanted to be a cow near Yogi Adityanath’s home in his next birth.

“I want to live life peacefully and produce biogas. I want people who can protect me, people who feed me and play with my gobar. I want people to respect me and let me sit in the middle of the road while I munch upon freshly picked grass. And, I want to be sure that I’m not becoming beef after death. Yogiji’s UP promises everything for me as a cow!”, Gaushal told a surprised Yamraj.

Yamraj, in his traditional style tried bargaining with Gaushal and offered to make him a cow in Saudi Arabia, to which Gaushal trembled and asked for mercy. He was then offered the life of a street vdog in Delhi, which Gaushal again refused to accept. “I don’t want to be beaten up every single night! I don’t want people to do to me what I’ve done to dogs all my life!”, replied Gaushal.

Yamraj, who has a rule to decide in less than 180 seconds, could not come to a decision with Gaushal and wanted the intervention of the HOD of Yamraj University on this matter. The HOD has reportedly told Yamraj that such requests have been rising exponentially in the last few days and if all these are accepted, we could soon have more cows than humans in Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, other animals have expressed their resentment towards the biased behavior of humans towards cows. Ram Lal, a dog near Yogi Adityanath’s home has decided to bark throughout the night to draw attention towards his apathy.