Wednesday, 17th July, 2019

Make hay while the sun shines

15, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Certainly the political choice has changed from straight line to circular line in Bihar. That’s why the rift over the change of bungalow goes on with different ways. What the Bihar government expects from Tejasvi Yadav is just eviction of the bungalow on Circular Road. Although he has cited an instance of the year 2013 yet the Bihar government has thrown the defined rule book at him. The energetic young RJD leader appears clueless before the points and would think of moving in his parents’ house across the road.  Even Lalu has made it clear of his son’s no love for the bungalow albeit 27-year-old leader is too fond of the bungalow once renovated during his stay.

It is normal that one cultivates sufficient love for inanimate or animate thing. It can be even the building. One does not easily part with that. The interest remains so intense as if it comes so close to one’s heart. It is actually on account of this very reason the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had to say, one should not develop any personal attachment towards a governmental facility. He must be letting the young politician understand the factuality of the matter. What was once provided to one politician had to be later on shifted towards another after the departure of the previous occupant. This was what happening with Lalu Yadav’s political heir.

This also shows change is the law of nature. Even the flowing water changes its course with the time. We are like travellers moving from one place to another. Just as the traveller catches a train to reach one’s destination by leaving one’s place so as the eligibility for the government facility also changes constantly. This is not concealed from those availing such kind of official facility in their diverse capacity.