Monday, 21st October, 2019

Making new promises – A step towards the victory

18, Jan 2019 By jayprakash s. chauhan

Share Khan is the king of jungle. The king is strong & powerful. The king has a faithful cabinet. His advisor Motu lion is clever & intelligent. Bagira, Ballu & Akira are his ministers.

Share khan is facing a problem. Therefore, he calls a meeting of the cabinet. A meeting to discuss the problem.

Cabinet Meeting

The king says, ‘friends, you know that every five years, the habitat animals elects a new king. This is again the year of election. Thus, I am going to contest the election. This time also. But, there is a problem. The confidential report is disgusting. The report is somewhat serious. Report says- all the monkeys are against us. The elephants, few of the tigers, giraffes & buffaloes are not in favor of us. Therefore, this time, they may not vote for us. Thus, we have to do something. What do you think Motu lion?’ The Motu lion replies, ‘Don’t worry sir, everything will be alright. I will change the minds of the animals. They will vote for you.’

The Share Khan now ask Bagira to read the confidential report. Hence, Bagira now explains.

Few of the monkeys & many groups of animals wants a temple for their goddess.

They says, allot a separate land for temple. Build the temple of God. We are waiting for years.

Few of the animals demands for their separate land. Separate land so that they can flourish without fear & interference. This is because, few animals such as rabbits & goats has separate land for years. No doubt, these are weaker sections. They are always afraid of the carnivorous animals.

Some animals think that you are now old. The animals elect a new king when former is old.

The king now addresses the cabinet.

‘First of all, I am not old. I am still young. I can do anything for the jungle. I believes in jungle laws. I am clear about the temple. I am ready to acquire separate land. But, let the ‘Punch’ (court) decide about it. The decision of ‘Punch’ will be final. I promise to build it if the court says so.

Secondly, few animals demands for separate land. As per jungle laws, this is not possible. But, you know that we wants to remain in power. We must do something. We must win the minds of people’.

Now, the king ask his advisor to find solution.

Finally, they decide to accept all the demands. They promises 10% separate land for a group of animals. Moreover, they promise to build temple in few days. In addition, assurance is given to protect the rights of all habitats.

The king now moves to the cave. He goes to sleep. He sees a dream. He finds that election is over. But, the mandate of the habitats is not clear. Hence, a mix government…..! The king wakes up. But, he realizes that it’s a dream.

The rival group too has given number of promises. But, the leader still seems to be immature.