Monday, 27th May, 2019

Mamta insists on united fight

05, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

What has been insisted by TMC leader Mamta Bannerji was moving with united stand in view of the BJP’s prevailing political position? This decisive strength can help win the ensuing parliamentary elections. Her January 19, 2019 rally was supposedly planned for the similar political cause.

She has firmly decided to stand on the standard of united we stand for defeating the BJP. Following her meeting with political big-wigs including Sonia Gandhi made her say: “Fight together, leader (Prime Minister) will be chosen later.”

Despite all the hostile criticisms by the Bhartiya Janata Party politicians, she was not frozen with her feet rooted where she firmly stood. She was utterly frank in girding up her loins for giving a befitting reply to the party in power in the approaching elections.

She wanted an invigorated political fight against the RSS-backed political party. However, she at the same time should also consider the disadvantages of the leaderless electoral battle. Will the consequences emerge the same as she visualises?

She pointed at defeating the BJP in different states where opposition stood in a strong position. Their collective fight would contain the BJP’s victory march keeping in mind its only aim of defeating the BJP at all costs.

All we can do was to stand firm on our combined purpose or else be entirely unable to overcome the saffron wave, she pointed out. If the BJP was criticising the TMC, BSP, SP, NCP, AAP and others for their collective approach, it was only to down their morale.

The BJP was taking every helpful constructive step to repeat the 2014 magic on the ground level. If its every step is vast and yet part of a larger design, there looks no obvious point in getting disheartened. The fight between the opposition allies’ persistence and the BJP’s resistance is power-enthused.