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Man searching for wreckage of flight ends up finding wreckage of “Achhe Din”

30, Apr 2015 By zhootareportor

An aviation expert working relentlessly for a missing flight and having claimed to have sighted the wreckage of a mysteriously missing flight, ended up finding the wreckage of “Achhe Din” instead. This came as a surprise for him as “Achhe Din” is not registered as a flight and hence finding its wreckage was just out of the world experience for this aviation expert.

He was surprised that wreckage was very close to Bay of Bengal but was never noticed by Indian authorities. One of his very close Indian friends told him that this flight was dumped in Bay of Bengal on 16th May, 2014 once the election results came out and now has got converted into wreckage.

While the flight had no passenger, it did have aspirations of more than 125 crores Indians. The aviation expert could sense this as he found that rather than water, the wreckage was flooded with water made of uninterrupted tears flowing into the wreckage of “Achhe Din”.

He also found black box of the wreckage of “ Acche Din”. Being a non-Hindi speaking person he could not figure out the voice recorded in the black box but when he friend translated it some of the key statements that came out from black box were as follows:

  1. I don’t know who your are, abki baar Modi  Sarkar
  2. Women will feel safer
  3. 15 lakhs rupees for every Indian from black money proceeds.
  4. Economy will perform well and jobs will be generated.

Since the time wreckage of “Achhe Din” has been found it has been talk of town in many countries but Indian PM and his close colleague have said that it was a JUMLA and too much is being read into it.