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Man standing in the queue shocked to see an EVM instead of an ATM

20, Nov 2016 By Ramsundar R

Surya (24), from Tanjore who came back home from Chennai on a weekend visit confused a polling booth queue to that of an ATM queue. Our Special correspondent Venkat Kumar contacted Surya to know more about the chaos happened.

“Well, I was completely caught off guard to end up in a poll booth. Back in Chennai, my daily routine for the past 10 days has been to wake up early and join a queue nearby to withdraw money. I joined a queue which started 500 metres near my doorstep”, says Surya.

People assume any queue of being an ATM queue.
People assume any queue of being an ATM queue.

Surya is equally anguished that nobody informed him beforehand about the ongoing elections in his hometown. “It wasn’t the same last time. Candidates visited our home and invited us to vote for them with a 1000 Rs note. It looks like the election festivities are put off. RBI wishes for cashless economy whereas it has resulted in cashless elections. This is utterly disgraceful“, lambasted Surya.

Adding to Surya’s woes, he hasn’t visited an election polling booth before. Watching Arnab Goswami taking on Sanjay Jha and Rahul Gandhi is his closest association with Elections and Politics in the country.

When Venkat enquired how similar are the polling queue and ATM queue, Surya doesn’t find so many differences. “ Even banks apply indelible inks now-a-days. And there are security guards at both the venues. The differences are not so obvious.  I was initially happy to see elaborate arrangements have been put in place to manage the crowd. My suspicion started only when the queue started moving faster”.

When he was guided out of the polling booth by CRPF, Surya wasted no time to find the ‘real’ ATM queue. On behalf of Faking News, we wish him all success in his future endeavour.

At the time of publication of this report, Surya is in 32nd position, waiting for his turn in Indian Bank ATM.