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Manmohan Singh claims to be a bowler after PM's Nightwatchman Remark

18, Dec 2017 By Mukesh Kamath

After much thought and deep deliberation Ex-PM Dr. Manmohan Singh has finally responded. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had during the heat of the lok-sabha elections in 2014 called the then PM a nightwatchman. In the thick of the election battle, It all happened so fast that Dr. Singh was caught napping. Now, with his turn due, Dr. Manmohan Singh has claimed that he, in fact, is a bowler. Not only that Dr. Singh followed it up with a googly calling the demonetization step as entirely unnecessary.modi-manmohan-singh-759

The Indian National Congress seems to have finally found its mojo back with a New, Young and Dynamic President. The Prime minister is on the defensive in relation to the controversial Demonetization and GST-roll-out problems which seems to have emboldened the depleted opposition. This time though they are not taking any chances. Making the right noises, the party has tried to strike a chord with the masses.

There are very few occasions when technology has not disrupted our lives. It is a different ball game all together if a Prime Minister begins to disrupt. While public anguish against demonetization has subsided, those few wealthy businessmen who have found their businesses in doldrums have vowed to engineer the PM’s downfall. Congress party if it has to get back at the game should do something now. What better way than to exorcise the ghosts of the 2014 defeat.

While claiming that demonetization was a black day for our democracy and economy, Dr Singh said that these steps, taken together with wrongly planned out GST, have broken the back of the Businesses. Opposition against the PM seems to be brewing and several measures he had taken before the Demonetization too, had not gone down well with some people. A well-wisher of the congress party who always wears the Gandhi cap said “It is time for a change of leadership, Dr. Singh who has served the congress well should retire and leave the way open for younger leaders”.

After being called a Nightwatchman Dr. Singh did what he does best. Went into silence and only recently spoke about it. There are many theories being put forward as to why such an accomplished economist spoke about it now. Dr. Singh being a true Punjabi never took the insults heaped on him in the media too personally. Even then several elements in the country esp. in Punjab did feel for the reluctant-PM.

The recent state elections have seen much vitriol spewed around. On the one hand, PM accused the congress of trying to claim the legacy of Dr. Ambedkar, The Congress tried to malign the PM with a Neech comment only to apologize later. The new president of congress defended the octogenarian leader saying what the PM said about the Ex-PM is unacceptable. Much of the disarray in the opposition stems from disunity in the party ranks, discontent and hopelessness. A vibrant democracy can work wonders to any country and even the ruling party should hope for a stronger opposition.