Manmohan Singh reviews The Accidental Prime Minister before its release, says the script is less scripted than his actual life

31, Dec 2018 By sameer mahawar

The trailer of the most awaited and most controversial movie, which is based on the political life of ex-Prime Minister of India, was out few days ago. “The Accidental Prime Minister” is a biography of Dr. Manmohan Singh written by his chief spokesperson and media advisor Mr. Sanjaya Baru.

manmohan singh

While the members of BJP and right-wing parties are eagerly waiting for its release, their counterparts from INC have already started agitating against it saying that it distorts facts as Manmohan Singh could be clearly seen speaking in it for multiple times, which is just unnatural and out of the context.

Before its official release, the Congress party members want to review it first so that when the movie actually gets released, they beforehand are made aware of the scenes on which they can create ruckus in cinema halls and call for Bharat Bandh.

Just like his party members, Manmohan Singh himself demanded to review the film based on his biography. The request was readily accepted by the producers as they believed that he himself won’t have any issue as his brain was auto-tuned to ignore the diabolical things happening around him.

But as the fate would have it, he critically analysed AnuPM Kher’s performance, who plays his role in the movie and seems to be unhappy with it.

Ex-PM wrote (as he could barely speak) , “AnuPM has acted less than required. He is seen speaking dialogues on his own without the prior permission of High Command. The number of words he has spoken in the trailer are way more than the words I have spoken during my tenure as a PM. This is complete falsification of my personality. He indeed walks like a robot but doesn’t talk like one. Madamji ko bhi yeh baat jachi nahi. My actual life was well directed than as shown in the movie. Sirf naam mein PM hone se har koi PM nahi ban jayega. Thik hai?”

It is learnt that BJP wants to use this movie to advance its political agenda as it seems they don’t have much of their achievements to boast about before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.