Maradona's wizardry makes him a favorite with BJP

01, Jul 2018 By Romit Bose

Diego Maradona seems to be the biggest buzzword in the corridors of power at BJP’s headquarters since the past three days.

The crucial world cup league match between Argentina and Nigeria saw Diego doing bizarre hand gestures, while mumbling something to himself from the gallery. At one point his gestures started seeming eerily similar to the very authentic Indian Tantriks as depicted in Ekta Kapoor’s serials. His strange antics from the gallery and the subsequent miraculous goals by Argentinian team, has impressed the BJP think tank who are convinced that Maradona is way beyond just a football legend.

Shocked at the way in which Diego led from the gallery and behaved like a coach, and at the way his spells and witchcraft turned the winds to Argentina’s favor, Tripura chief minister Mr. Biplab Deb went on to declare that Maradona’s real name was in fact Maruth-Drona (wind-god-teacher) and that of course he is a Hindu brahmin. None but a very accomplished yogi is capable of achieving this feat, he commented.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee, who already shares a deep Argentina connection through her favorite colors, blue and white, promptly declared a DiegoShree annual grant for random local clubs and also decided to rename a main road as “Diego Sarani”. It has been learnt that a few ministers at the cabinet were trying to reason with her about the problem about naming a road after someone who is alive, post which they were removed from cabinet.

Prime Minister’s office has also contacted Diego’s manager to enquire about his available slot for performing a double Yajna for deescalation of the trade tariff war between US and India and also for ensuring BJP’s victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election.

Diego couldn’t be contacted and queries sent through an e-mail to his official email address was responded promptly with a picture from the match day coverage, that features him showing the middle finger.