“Marijuana to be legalized”- The only stand that can save Rahul Gandhi

24, Dec 2018 By varun chopra

“If you can’t get people Kapda, Makkan aur Ann Ka Dana. Make them happy with loads of marijuana.” – Congress

smelling marijuana
smelling marijuana

Rahul Gandhi’s new election stand has made people go crazy on the streets. College students and youth of the country are going Bhaand all over the place. Congress is finding this as the last ray of dope in the coming election. Let’s have a look what this country has to say about it.

Now, all the senseless talks on stage by Rahul Gandhi seems justified.” – Media

Life always looks greener on the other side”- BJP

Above all that, Rahul Gandhi announced that he can make this country violence free with marijuana. A lot of other political parties are in favor of this move. Are they going to rub hands on this joint venture?

Is Rahul gonna produce ache din for people? Is this the new high country was heading to?

Let’s wait and let the smoke settle down. Maybe, we reach nirvana sooner than expected.