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Modi takes control where Rahul loses

23, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Where Rahul Gandhi loses control, Narendra Modi takes control. This is manifest through the completion of BJP’s total strength in the Gujarat assembly to one hundred marks. Though it failed this time to cross the double digits by limiting to a total of 99 seats, it somehow or with some help reached the psychological mark in three digits.

It can be a success for the BJP while the Congress party has lost its one-time supporter. It succeeded in securing the support of Ratnsinh Rathore, an independent candidate. They decide to begin with a deliberate pace, playing with the order of their respective pairs of legs.

By the way, he was once thoroughly paying obeisance to the Congress party but later the party excluded from him. A winner in the Gujarat polls by defeating the BJP candidate declared his unconditional support to the saffron party. What a roundabout turn! He defeated the BJP contender but shook hands with the same party leaders.

If he has gained success over the BJP he afterwards decided to offer his total corroboration with the same party. This is what appears to have been gained by the BJP despite its electoral defeat.

Does it not looking like the Congress gets beaten by this diplomatic way?  Whom the Congress failed to bring back into its party fold joined hands with the BJP. When the Congress did not field him in the elections he contested as an independent candidate. The BJP lost no chance of winning him back into its saffron fold.

The political platform had not disappeared for the freshly elected contestant. He might get a portfolio in the new government. Whatever it might be, he by his support gave a new energy to the BJP which now can boast of its overall tally going up to one hundred.