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After much backlash, Kejriwal announces free rides to students instead, scoring 95% and above

01, Jul 2019 By Sukriti Vats

New Delhi: With the beginning of Admission season, Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has some freebies to offer for meritorious students this year. Squashing his previous proposal, which was being severely opposed, he have decided to direct the Government’s fund towards students clearing the 95% mark in best five subjects.

Kejriwal's love for kids
Kejriwal’s love for kids

This decision is being favored by many young voters, motivating them to not just vote but also study and avail this golden opportunity. Akash Behl. a 12th standard student has been encouraged to put more efforts in his schooling. He says “I will be giving my boards next year. I wasn’t planning to study much but after this announcement, I have decided otherwise.”

Receiving positive response from the public, Kejriwal feels relived. He declares “Now students will have two cutoffs to clear for achieving real success,” referring to the minimum marks required to be eligible to avail this offer. He adds “this is in keeping with the gender-neutral laws that Delhites have been so persistently demanding.”

Even Metro Man Sreedharan is impressed by this new proposal. He says “my own grandson is clearing the required cutoffs for getting free rides. He has always been very careful about curbing unnecessary travel expenses. This makes me very proud.”

While DMRC angered with not being consulted first, expresses its displeasure. A spokesperson states “We have said it before and we are saying it again- we are yet to receive a report from the CM’s office on this matter.” Luckily, CBSC has stepped forth and offered to fund this venture believing it to be a good incentive to increase student’s performance in board exams.

“With the offer of free travel, Kejriwal has the potential to single handedly cause a surge in the 12th class result of students in Delhi,” claims CBSC