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News anchor asked question to BJP spoke person, put entire BJP in shock

19, Jun 2017 By pknayak

In last few days entire team of spoke persons of BJP were found rushing to party head quarter to attend urgent meeting. All of them were busy seeking advice from senior leaders, mostly from those who created a niche of themselves in an era when BJP as a party was not as big as it is today striving hard for success. An unprecedented reticence is quite visible in all the faces.

However with help of sources, special correspondence from faking news came to know that the entire episode is the consequence of a few news anchor asking accountability to BJP spoke person in few agitations and other activities that’s going on across the country.

In tight corner
In a tight corner

A senior BJP leader on condition of anonymity told us: “Till now they are quite affable with us and not asking questions with same acrimony as they do with opposition. In most of the cases they (news anchors) bring solutions along with questions as well. But even then we are not prepared these either. We believed to have immunity from all such questions and responsibilities. Our objective is to propagate government’s achievement only. We even don’t care if it is actually done or not. Because we believe it is media’s job to silence those questioning government and put all blames on University students and opposition parties.”

Mean while a senior investigative journalist (name can’t be declassified due to his nature of work) from faking news told us that the biggest shocker for senior BJP leaders came from their very own Arnab Goswami.

In his prime time debate regarding extradition of Vijay Mallya, Arnab first lambasted at BJP’s spoke person citing even after more than a year of Mr. Mallya’s self exile from this country (though it was not this government’s fault. It all happened due to a typing error of a junior officer in Airport which was explained then by Finance Minister), government has not yet been able to bring him back, and went on quoting as if government is waiting for Christmas to initiate any action to begin the process of extradition and bring him (Mr.Mallya) back home. He further went on quoting that such activity may prove inefficiency of this government.

Arnab’s show is like merriment of highest importance for us. We all gathers in party office with chips & pop corn at least five minute before start of his show and guffaws watching him burlesque entire opposition with voice few decibel above permissible limit, told a junior BJP worker. But then few days back all of sudden we see him reproaching a participant in very low voice & before we reacted and criticized him for going so soft, Chedilal Singh, one of our karyakarta (worker) watching the program from front row starts screaming “He is questioning to our spoke person!” All were silent for some minutes. Then the entire episode is reviewed some thirty to forty times to ensure that it was actually our spoke person whom Mr. Goswami has mortified, he went on quoting.

Till the last report brainstorming is going on inside BJP party office as they didn’t know how to deal with such situation. If no result comes out then our dynamic PM may come out with another extra ordinary decision like DeMo which will keep the entire nation and media busy for some months, told us a mid level karyakarta with condition of anonymity. Faking news is keeping a close watch over this.