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No one except Modi came visiting under PM Pakistan Bhejo movement, clarifies Pakistan tourism industry

25, Oct 2017 By Velawrites

Ever since the PM took over his office, there has been passive voices sending too many to Pakistan. Here is an analysis of people’s reaction to PM’s Pakistan Bhejo Program.

Sole Beneficiary of PM's Pakistan Bhejo scheme in a snap with Pakistan's PM.
Sole Beneficiary of PM’s Pakistan Bhejo scheme in a snap with Pakistan’s PM.

For two years now, People who have no power except the superhero power to speak have been promoting PM’s Pakistan Bhejo Program. It was expected that it will be helpful for the Pakistan’s tourism industry. PTI (Pakistan’s tourism Industry) had even begun to prepare for it. The tourist places were set up with firecrackers sponsored by their homegrown terrorism industries to welcome the visitors. The department had even created all the promotional material which read “Adventure and thrill are part of every step you take on this land” is left fuming, three years into the program. Like Demonetization, they have now hailed this as a pure Jumla.

The official statement read “Not a single person stepped their foot on this land under this program. The only one who came calling was the PM himself. Although he never experienced any adventure we were offering”.

The PTI is still upbeat about providing adventure and thrills to its tourists. See we have left terrorists roaming free on road and every moment they(Tourists) spent on our land will surely raise their adrenaline levels.

“Can you handle it?”, the slogan read. We talked to people on the online forums and their reply was firm… a “No” with an Echo.

While many in the ruling party aim to keep promoting this program, it is heard that PTI will no longer rely on this program. We contacted close confidante of ruling Party on failure of this scheme and He told us “This was also a jumla (Jumla tha bey)”