Monday, 27th May, 2019

Why not register of politicians?

05, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

When there continues so much hue and cry over the national register of citizenship, there should also be prepared a register of our politicians containing classified details. Instead, this should be an encyclopaedia. It can be decided by the politicians. The generations come to know of their deeds and contributions through that big book. When will this idea get momentum?

India entered into the extradition treaty with Bangladesh to bring back the ULFA separatists. The fate of forty lakh excluded from National Register of the Citizenship hangs in balance. How can they be pushed out to Bangladesh in case their citizenship proved? As regards Dharamshala, our country accepted Aryans, Huns, Portuguese, Arabs, Afghans, Jews, Dutch and English people who settled here. The recent Hungama is merely politics to contest elections in days to come. The ruling party knows very well that this issue of immigrants can bring sufficient benefit in the form of votes. The Congress party disagrees with the BJP on the issue while the Communists are sympathetic with them.

It is not only in our country but even the European countries have furthered the spurt of the Muslim population. Such kind of voice subsides with the passing of the time. The issue is not the exercise under the supervision of the apex court. Those numbers of enormous people who were supposed to have come from Bangladesh told to prove their identity. The humanitarian ground loses its vehemence in view of political perplexity. The matter, as certain politicians rightly said, was directly linked up with the Muslim inhabitants in Assam.

The political benefit could be reaped out of this issue in the state of Assam. That is being done with forceful efforts as leaders of the ruling party spare no time in expressing some words on the intricate issue.