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Now Chowkidars to Prefix their names with PM

01, Apr 2019 By akumar

The Chowkidar association of India has passed a resolution. Henceforth, all Chowkidars will prefix their names with PM.

“As Doctors prefer to prefix with Dr , Engineers with Er and Charted Accountants with CA, we have decided to prefix the names of Chowkidars with PM.”  The Secretary of All India Watchman association confirmed in Delhi. “Cr” was ruled out as it would have given the notion of Credit as in Bank accounts. Ch. was considered. However it was rejected as it symbolizes Chaudhary and Chiranjivi. While Chaudhary sounded too powerful, Chiranjivi was rejected due to it’s Brahmanical ethos. Ck would sound like a

Finally PM was chosen. A special vote of thanks was passed at the General Body Meeting. It was decided that as the Prime Minister fixes his name with Chowkidar, the same must be reciprocated. Prefixing names with PM also prove lucky charm. It may help to get Achchhe Din.

Some people on the other side are skeptical. One of them said “Future  headlines can be very disturbing. PM Gowda sleeps while so and so loots the Bank. PM Dev suspended as found sleeping on duty. PM Narinder on tour while burglars raided the Diamond showroom. PM Mohan refused to blow whistle even after theft of Coal .”

Meanwhile some have  started another  campaign to counter “Main Bhi Chowkidar.” It’s being called “Main Bhi Hawaldar.”  CM of a northern municipal state will lead this campaign. It suits the CM as he is always aggrieved that the Police is not under his control. Insiders say that it also suits his language. It is more evident when he talks of his former colleagues. The CM also a tendency to say regularly “Sabko Bhitar kar Dunga, Ji ”

BREAKING-All major opposition leaders oh MahaGhatBandhan have endorsed the tag line  “Main bhi PM.”