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Number of selfies by PM Modi in 2016 surpasses south Delhi girl

24, Jan 2017 By Aman Rana

23rd January, 2016: In a recent survey conducted by Faking News, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has crossed the total number of selfies taken by an average South Delhi girl in 2016. This survey was conducted last year in the month of December after seeing the selfie trend among Indians led by our very own PM Modi.

Selfie King vs Dharna King
Selfie King vs Dharna King

BJP has shown great joy over this revelation and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has also hinted on introducing a selfie cess for the citizens of India. Among other party members, Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah have posted a “pouting selfie” to  show their excitement.

Sushma Swaraj, who has been a dynamic personality till now has said that this result will encourage the people to put their selfies as their passport display picture.

Once again delhi CM, Arvind Kejrial did not seem much happy about the entire incident and said, “Modiji ne mujhse apni photos click karwayi hain (he has made me click his pictures which he claims to be selfies).”

The survey has also created a hustle in Bollywood, where the extremely popular KRK was ranked at 3rd position in the most number of selfies only behind Modi and Delhi girls. Tushar Kapoor and Abhishek Bachhan were other names in the top 10 list, the credit for which can be given to their unemployment over the past couple of decades.

Rakhi sawant who is well known for her enthusiasm towards media and paparazzi, has promised to break all records by the end of 2017 and that’s her new year resolution.