NYAY Scheme

05, Apr 2019 By meribhisuno

A brilliance in electoral politics THE NYAY SCHEME

For all those doubting thomases…..

a. It will replace all existing schemes.

b or it will be in addition to existing one.

No political party will dare to say that option A. Because we are Indians. We are masters at bargaining. Jo hai so hai. aur kya doge bolo..

Let me explain how Plan B will work. You need not be Raghuram Rajan to know workability.


I assume, the figures are for per family. (Some families have 20 people and others have only 3- please do not see communal angle).

2019-2020– A mini pilot study. 50 villages in Amethi  Roughly having population of 500 families each.

Question 1. How much… its decided by the crown prince. No debate on this.

Question 2. How to transfer, of course direct bank transfer to lady of the house (you are up to date on news).

Question3. Whom to transfer. This is very interesting. This will be decided by the NGO industry, which is out of business for last 5 years. Of course @ some fees.

There will decide that all the families are poor, nobody pays income tax. So total amount for the first year…

500x50x72000= 180 crores.

This will be contributed by “family real estaTe business” after all, you also need to invest to get profits. Of course the NGO fees will be on us, the tax payers.

2020-2021 bigger pilot.

Entire Amethi. and dear mothers place. Rough estimate having 15 lakh families.

20% is 300000 families @ 72000= 2160 crores.

after all the asset of  N H will be of some use.

As usual, NGO fees will be on us, the tax payers.

Year 2021-2022,, UP election year.

Entire UP.

total population 25 crores. Poor  20% 5 crores.

So roughly 1 crores families need doles.

72000 crores for UP only.

Swiss account ka kuch to fayada hoga.

2022-2023 15 most bhikari states.rough estimate 7 lakh crores.

LOAN FROM  RBI. After all, The Governer will be family man.

2023-2024. Ah, The election year.  Discover some new Garibi Hatao  vote pao yojana.

Of course we are not factoring the GST collection.

The proposal is decrease rate and have same rate for all.

We Indian are by nature honest tax payers. Collection will double.

So , next election year we can target 40 % of the population.

Still have doubts. Then your surely the real PAPPU.