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'O Neta Kal Aana' Cryptic Message on Ganpati Posters scares the $#!^ out of Netas

19, Sep 2018 By burabandar

Mumbai, one random day: India, they say treats its guests with ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’. & where else does this adage hold truer than when Bappa arrives to the tunes of Bollywood item songs in Mumbai during Ganpati. There are brands glaring at you as you stand in the queue for your selfie with the tusked god and then there are NETAS! Yes, the Netas from BJP, Congress, MNS, SS, NCP, TDP, BSP, CPI, CPI (M), CPI (Ass) and what not. There are more parties in India than there are gods.

So coming to the point, the Netas look at with you with those droopy over Black Dog eyes and gleaming as pearl teeth. This incident highlights the plight of one of these spiteful brother-in-law to an ex-MLA’s PA who woke up to find that his brother-law’s boss’ poster was marked with a message ‘O NETA KAL AANA’. The font was Comic Sans. The brother-in-law of the ex-MLA’s PA panicked, the ex-MLA’s PA sighed, the ex-MLA fainted! & the chain grew. Within 2 nights, of 1764 Netas had their posters smashed by the same cryptic message – that is a total of 2,53,900 posters in total (97.8% of total Ganpati posters in the city). This was cutting across party lines and everyone from corporators, to PM, to dynasts and relatives were none spared. Some of those whose poster got smeared were followed by the PM on Twitter.

No arrests have been made so far, though some marketeers claim, Netflix is doing this to market the Season 2 of Bhavesh Joshi Superhero (speculation). Whatever be the cause, this has sent the entire political establishment in the city in a flurry & huddle. Never ever, ever never, has anyone dared to torment our politicos in a similar fashion since the time Arnab did RaGa.

Most though are happy. ‘O Neta Kal Aana’ has a verified Facebook & Instagram account and 1000’s fakes. A not Mr. Bagga has also introduced a line of T-shirts with faces of your most despicable Netas available for the message. According to fans, it was high time someone decided to troll the poster boys of public nuisance on their own posters.