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On fear of being criticised Congress bans history subject

04, Jan 2014 By Ashish Kedia

After a High level meeting presided by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, at the residence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Government has decided to completely remove history subject from School curriculum.

“Lets ban it Kaphil Sibhal ji”

It may be noted that just few days back Manmohan Singh has penned hope on historians for being kinder to him than present media. It is reported that on further research this assumption was found to be wrong and henceforth this precautionary step has been taken.

Some also attribute this decision to Rahul Gandhi’s skills of flunking the subject thrice in his school days. His enmity with history seems very old, though as GK is still not banned this reasoning seems to be wrong.

Digvijay Singh in his yet again tongue-in-cheek remark was quoted as saying that history was a good for nothing subject and its appreciable that it has been removed with the hard work of Rahul Ji and visionary skills of Sonia Ji. Now as there is no history at all this RSS strategy to make congress a history itself becomes baseless.

The Foot-in-mouth champion Manish Tiwari also welcomed the step by saying that it will be a revolutionary step for information and broadcasting. He never explained how. On being asked how future generation will know about Gandhi, he said Sonia and Rahul ji are in everyone’s heart and will be remembered that way. Indeed on being reminded that question was about Mahatma Gandhi, he excused himself out of conference citing he has to interview few women judges for promotion.

Immediately after this announcement sale of History books went up as many congress workers purchased them to burn in front of congress offices. Some also burnt the effigies of their history teacher.

Meanwhile, Historians have termed this step as historical foolishness. BJP spokesperson was unavailable for comment but their Prime Ministerial candidate was also heard rejoicing.