Friday, 15th November, 2019

One more criticism from dilapidated Margdarshak Mandal and we'll demonetize 2000 rupee notes: Warns Jaitley

02, Oct 2017 By Deepraj Jha

In a highly personalised attack on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, ex-Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha suggested that Modi government is making stupid decisions like demon and hasty GST implementation which is hurting the economy.

Warning eachother
Warning eachother

Fuming jaitley rebuts saying that it is his government that has sustained the oil prices at such level despite Arabs opec fucking with each other and disturbing oil prices equilibrium. Further he said had demonetisation not been done during UP elections BJP would have lost to Yadav’s of the world and it is under his leadership in the North block that plethora of taxes have been imposed on the taxpayers be it krishi kalyan, swach bharat, advani gag cess etc etc.

The newly constituted economic advisory council to the PM has made its first suggestion to the PMO highlighting the fact that few members of the Margdarshak mandal has sour grapes and hence it is better to create a separate Gag markdarshak mandal co-chaired by advani and sinha who would be entrusted to do bhajan in Ayodhya. The council said it fears that the few margdarshak’s might become face of congress 2019 campaign and hence its important that the Government should focus first to make sure that the rebel’s fall in line. Economy will be taken care later afterall election campaign takes precedence over anything!

Jaitley has welcomed the suggestion from the council and has threatened sinha that any further criticism will send an invitation to demonetize 2000 rs notes and put the blame on his tenure that it was because of his decisions taken during 1998-2002 that economy generated so much of black money in the form of high currency notes like 2000 that now its inevitable to demonetize them in order to curb the black money and any public interest litigation or Indian penal code or constitution or the executive or the judiciary or the legislature or the jethmalani or the subramaniam swany cannot cross examine his intellect on playing blame games. Jaitley is sometimes also a lawyer and always an economist!