Pakodas, Patriots and The People

14, Mar 2018 By Ibn Shariff

Disclaimed Disclaimer: All the characters in here are fictitious just like ‘acche din’ and any resemblance to unborn ‘Vikaas’ and ‘Pragati’ is purely incidental for which am not sorry.

P.S: Any attempt to enjoy your pakodas with green chutney is purely an act of treason.

On Jan. 19 whole nation went bonkers on the unthinkable idea of Pakodas. Many are still in shock and shivers from this mind-boggling entrepreneurial creativity.

Especially this was a major breakthrough for millions of unemployed, in specific our evergreen engineers. Since then there is an environment of revolution and enthusiasm. Many a doctors, engineers, lawyers and other graduates are flocking to every corner of India to set-up a Pakoda stall.

Some motivational and revolutionary stories we bring you here:

Pakoda Ambassador
The best Patriot with Pakoda

Fakhru Bhai of Frazer Town, Bangalore – We spoke to this dynamic hunk in his early 50s, earlier working as a realtor in North Bangalore has scrapped his job and now enjoy playing in pakoda batter.

People are flocking to this spot and can’t have enough of it. Fakhru Bhai has invented his own version of meat-stuffed pakodas, considering locality’s love for the meat. Even he revealed that soon there may be more variations available, especially in Ramazan.  A gourp by name In-Sole Sena (ISS) protested against Fakhru bhai’s meat-stuffed pakodas alleging him of distorting Indian culture and turning a veg-delicacy into non-veg, but locals came for the rescue of Fakhru bhai. (In fact and of course unhoney Fakhru bhai ke Pakode khaye hain)

Many Shawarma Joints have organised a joint-protest this Friday as their business are hurt by Fakhru Bhai’s Pakoda Joint. Some are seriously considering switching their businesses.

It was reported that other businesses are affected since the launch of Fakhru’s Pakodas.

Mulswamy Anna of Muneshwar Layout, Bangalore – Another dynamic personality we came across was Mulswamy, a guy in his late 50s have resigned from his Job as chartered accountant to try his hands in this.

He can’t stop praising the inventor of this Idea and praying him for this brilliant breakthrough. He has his own versions and twists in this delicacy.

One among the many was Dosa-Pakoda, wherein a crispy dosa with a spread of coconut-chutney (sause), chopped-onions, parsley and the  smashed pakodas, gently wrapped in butter paper kept in a ceramic plate and served with tamarind and tomato sauce.

Mulswamy revealed that he insisted his son (Who is pursuing aeronautical engineering) to Join this Family Business.

We even interviewed many youths around many Medical and Engineering colleges’ students and many were aspiring to become the great pakoda walas in their localities. 

Our correspondent even interviewed some Middle-eastern, African students residing in Kammanahalli and Frazer Town and many were inspired by this Idea and they wish to carry this great thought to their countries and start this revolutionary dish in their regions.

Even there was a report from unknown sources about a person in West U.P who has saffronized the Pakodas to impress the state head who is obsessed with orange color.

As per the pakoda wala he is using more saffron into the delicacy to give it a rich orange color, though its bit expensive. A Group by name Jobless & Shameless Sena (JSS)  is protesting  against the pakoda wala as the saffron used is of Iran or Kashmir; in both cases it hurts the sentiments of the people chanting ‘sarhad pe jawan mar rahe hain’. The Pakoda Wala has denied the allegations stating that the saffron used is of Spain, scrapping all the allegations.

The competitors of the Safron-Pakoda wala have alleged that the person is using adhesives and colors to saffronize the pakodas instead of the expensive saffron, demanding probe into the delicacy.

Again the pakoda wala has denied the allegations and stated that this allegation is to defame his invention and stop bhakts from visiting the stalls.

Inhuman Rights commission is urging for a probe considering the allegations as artificial colors may cause cancer.

There are tons of stories and lot to be written but can’t write anymore as my pakodas can’t wait anymore.