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Pappu learns new nursery rhyme, would sing only in the classroom

11, Dec 2016 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi: Pappu, a student of UKG has refused to sing his newly written nursery rhyme at a function here in front of a large audience. He insists that he will only sing the newly learnt poem in his classroom and not anywhere else.

“You will be hit by an earthquake when I sing but I sing only in my classroom”, Pappu announced to the large gathering. “Not only will he sing only in the classroom but the class teacher should also be present else he will not sing”, Tinku, a friend of Pappu supported him from behind, “He wants to put the class teacher to shame by singing better than him”.

“I sing so well that Virat Kohli will be put to shame”, Pappu had planned to speak and had noted the same on a piece paper when someone read the paper and pointed to him that Virat is not a singer but a cricketer. Then he spoke extempore

“Good riddance that he is not singing. Last time he had recited the table of two as- once two is two, two twos are three, threes twos are seven and a half… and his rhythm too was atrocious”, a visibly pleased guest commented.

“Deepak Raag can alight lamps, Malhaar can bring rains then a cacophony can definitely bring an earthquake”, observed another guest in amusement.

“Singing in public can bring bigger rewards and  a wider reach. Why he wants to sing only in classroom is a mystery”, one of Pappu’s senior family members pointed out.

In the meantime, his class teacher who is an expert vocalist is seen singing new lyrics to the same tune attracting ever bigger audience on a daily basis.