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'PM is chaiwallah. Tata Tea is biggest beneficiary. What's the deal?', alleges Kejriwal

15, Nov 2016 By AdityaSachan
Kejriwal taking a sip of honesTEA
Kejriwal taking a sip of honesTEA

New Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal has decided to expose Prime Minister Modi one more time. His party believes that since 2013 Mr. Modi has been continuously calling himself ‘Chaiwallah’, and this is not acceptable.

Clearly Mr. Modi has some hidden intentions with tea making companies and hence promoting them all time.

“Tea/Chai prices have increased from 5 rupees to 7 rupees per cup in last 3 years. There is huge inflation in tea leaf prices too. Clearly Mr. Modi is behind this. And he has been promoting them by calling himself ‘Chaiwallah’. Our supreme leader has decided to expose it”, says AAP member.

“Every morning, the first job for all of us is to find new and unique ways to expose Mr. Modi. And report it to Mr. Kejriwal with morning tea. This time we will be successful”, confirms member of Expose Team of AAP, a highly qualified MBA from IIPM.