Saturday, 23rd February, 2019

Political parties mock fast

14, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Almost every political party which observed hunger strike for overt or covert reasons remained concerned about its members flouting the strictness in observance of the fast. A political party was caught eating Biryani, other party men were found to be devouring Chholey Bhaturey, still, further, the ruling party men were enjoying sandwiches and chips.

There were red faces in the BJP after two of its legislators were found snacking on sandwiches and chips as the party leaders were observing one-day fast. In actuality, every prominent political party was exposed to the similar trickery with which they condemned one another.

Not needing to be told over and over again as mocking the fast showed dishonesty. What remained common in their approach was cunningness. It was measured and methodical. Neither the BJP nor the Congress was safe from the tricks.

If the BJP criticised the Congressmen for their tasty snacks, it was also not lagging behind. The political parties were not completely well-wisher of the voters. If they were not so their weight would also have been decreased like the social worker Anna Hazare.

How had the wily politicians seized the opportunity to try to take things to the distasteful level by their unpleasant actions? Now they had us cornered their selfish behaviour which scaled on our nerves.

They were so caught up with the stunning pictures corroborating their stories. What was initiated by Gandhiji to express resentment against the anomaly appeared to have lost its value in the deceptive ways? Our acclaimed politicians resorted to misleading ways for their aims and purposes.

Our pot-bellied politicians did not take advantage of the hunger strike for burning extra fat for energy. They even missed the chance to raise hormone functions and better insulin sensitivity. They seemed to have cared a fig for their physical benefits.