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Politicians propose legislation for serving jail term by MP, MLAs only when they are out of power

16, Feb 2017 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi:  A number of seasoned Indian politicians who have been at the receiving end are proposing to introduce Private Member’s Bills to make a law that will facilitate serving of jail sentences by MPs and MLAs on Deferred Convenient Installments (DCI) basis.

One such politician

“It is quite irritating that jail sentences come when one is about to become the CM. We should therefore be allowed to defer serving the jail term as per our convenience and suitability. This privilege must be allowed to all MPs and MLAs”, commented an MLA from Chennai.

Serving jail term on a DCI basis is akin to repaying a loan on EMIs wherein the whole loan is repaid in easy smaller installments with the borrower not feeling the stress of any financial hardship.

“Half the time we are in power and half of the time we are out of it when the other party forms the government. It, therefore, makes sense that we serve our jail sentences when we are out of power, idling”, Ram Khilawan, an RJD MLA from Bihar who is close to Lalu Yadav told Faking News.

“The most suitable arrangement will be to spend one fortnight in jail followed by two weeks out of it on a repeated basis till the whole term is served”, an MP from Maharashtra who is supposed to be an associate of Sanjay Dutt suggested.

There is also talk of a provision for serving anticipatory jail term, in advance, to be adjusted against future sentences. Thus the MLA will be free to enjoy being in the government, when convicted, since he has already served the term in advance.

The best proposal on the subject has been made in the form of a PIL (public Interest litigation) which suggests that proxies be allowed to serve the jail term on behalf of an MLA.

“Right now the MLA goes to jail and his wife or a close relative acts as a proxy CM who may not be as good in governance. This is not in larger public interest. It, therefore, makes sense for a proxy to go to jail to serve the term on behalf of the man and the convict be allowed to rule. This will ensure that the best talent rules the state”, says the PIL