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To prevent horse-trading, Congress, JDS to hide their MLA's in Wakanda

22, May 2018 By Sudhanshu Chopra

The end to Karnataka’s poll nataka does not seem in sight. With the BJP needing 8 more MLA’s to prove its majority in the assembly, Congress and JDS are leaving no stone unturned to keep their MLA’s intact. The recent move has been the latter parties’ decision to ship off their respective MLA’s to the concealed country of Wakanda, so it gets impossible for the BJP to approach them to effect a switch of party loyalties.

“You need to understand that in this situation we have become valuable as vibranium. And guess what place is the home to vibranium,” winked a JDS MLA who had recently watched Black Panther online free.

Experts are of the view that the move of choosing Wakanda over a Karnataka resort is rather innovative and has taken the Twitter users by surprise.

“Everyone was expecting the MLA’s would again be sent to a posh resort on the outskirts of Karnataka. But that did not happen. Now even before the Twitterverse can think of a good Wakanda joke or two, the MLA’s will already have “disappeared” behind the boundaries of the sub-saharan desert country,” said an eminent news panelist.

Reports are also rife that the Black Panther himself will be guarding the Wakandan border, and will snarl and slap at Amit Shah’s wrists if the latter tries to stretch his kaanoon-se-bhi-lambe haath into the Wakandan territory.