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Price Rise, GST and Demonetization ruining it for all

01, Nov 2017 By Anand Balasubramanian

The prices have gone up and this has not gone too well with major political parties of the country. They are irate at the current rate especially considering the economic lull caused by GST and Demonetization. Price Rise, GST and Demonetization ruining it for all.

“We cannot afford them anymore. On one end, we have shot ourselves in the foot with GST and De-monetization. On the other, the rates have been increased due to competitive market. Not sure for how long we can keep up the momentum and continue to win elections.” said a BJP leader who does not want to be named.

In an unprecedented move, GST panel is discussing the possibility of bringing Horse Trading into the purview of GST. It will generate some major income for the country though this would be another shoot-myself-in-my-foot moment for BJP.

What are the other parties saying?

Congress too joined in chorus, for once, with BJP to condemn the rise in price placing the blame squarely on BJP’s shoulders. “They are ruining it for all the big political parties.” said congress spokesperson. “Previously, even leaders with 30% vote share were available for as cheap as 20-30 lakhs. But now, even for a leader with 2% vote share, we have to shell out crores of rupees. “He added.

Individual MLA/MP rates too have gone up, thanks to the horse trading in the south.

On the other hand, the small parties and their leaders are having a field day. One such Patel leader who did not want to be named has said, “Two years before, I did not even a bicycle. Within one election, I have a Innova car and a house of my own. India is shining. Sach me Acche Din Aa gaye!”.

The communist parties, however, has been the sole voice that condemns the fact that there is money involved in elections. Staying true to Marxism, they demand cash to be abolished in all its form including digital ones. They also added that they would like it even more if elections are banned altogether. They want extend the ban to other parties leaving them the sole custodian of governance.

Everybody wants a piece of the pie

Colleges have decided to start a course to keep with the times on how to start a political outfit and garner support from people. This course is aimed to take advantage of the new job wave in the political arena. Especially considering the speed at which minor political outfits keep springing up. There is also plans to start a course on how to become an MLA/MP. However, seeing that being educated is a major disqualification for becoming a MLA/MP, the plan was dropped as per reports.