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Prime Minister Modi visits Wakanda, promises millions of jobs and economic boost with Vibranium deal

25, Jul 2018 By aashcharya janak

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently on his Africa tour, made a welcome announcement on Tuesday. In a first by any country leader, Prime Minister Modi visited Wakanda, the most advanced civilization alive in the currently understood universe. The visit is being hailed as a breakthrough for the Indian economy.

Contrary to the official plan, the Indian Prime Minister had to show up in Wakanda to apologize on behalf of the nation for a ‘hunting incident’ wherein a popular Bollywood star had allegedly hunted a “Black Panther” 20 years back while vacationing, leading to a political turmoil in the country as they lost their king. As soon as the news of the Indian Prime Minister visiting Africa reached Wakanda, they expressed their concern and wanted to meet the Prime Minister.Modi_Cow_Rwanda_Twitter

“As soon as we landed, we were shocked to see the level of technological and infrastructural development here. Prime Minister Ji said that we should have a piece of this pie!”

An official announcement from the Government came out later in the day “With the import of Vibranium, the Make in India initiative breathes new life. India will be able to manufacture weapons, electronics, airplanes, and even jewelry, from the magical metal. This initiative will add millions of jobs across many industries, including supporting fields such as metallurgy research, metal processing, defence and commercial R&D, etc., as the metal needs specific tools, equipment, and processes to work with.”

Our sources traveling with the Prime Minister say that it was not at all easy to crack the deal since the Wakandans don’t really need anything from us. “They are a self-sustained economy. They are more advanced than USA-Japan-Germany put together. They have alien-like advanced technologies, and export superheroes as a philanthropic initiative.” He then moved on to say “But our Prime Minister, being the true son of Gujarat, was able to seal a deal comfortably. He made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.”

When asked what the offer made by the Prime Minister was, his tour advisor said “It was something that would bring to rest, years of unrest and frequent protests. It would bring justice to the death of their prior king. In return, India gets an exclusive lifetime supply of Vibranium.”

When asked whether the Government is handing over the (apparently) guilty Bollywood star to Wakanda, there was an indefinite silence on the other side of the line. Network issues it seems.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, who seems to have the latest insights on the developing story, told faking news that Vibranium is nothing but “Divya Dhaatu” that was common in India during the times of Ramayana, especially in transportation and warfare. To make sure it does not fall in the wrong hands after Lord Ram’s reign, Maharshi Vishwamitra transported all of it to Africa for safekeeping as the civilizations there were not too advanced back then to make any destructive use of it.

“But see how they have become so advanced today just by the use of our Divya Dhaatu, which they are calling ‘Vibranium.’ Sadly we have to now bow in front of them for this,” Sambit was quoted saying.