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Punjab pets ended in levy edge

26, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: After Rajasthan’s ordinance, Punjab caused tax. Both the states are neighbours. The only marked difference between them is their distinct political parties which are running the government in each state. If Rajasthan govt’s step brought ample reactions and protests, the Punjab government is also facing similar disapproval on its fully fresh move. People might not like the idea of Punjab govt.’s taxation policy on keeping domestic animals. It seemed rather different, didn’t, it? They could say it a little hostile but unhappily grasp it as the wholly receptive step. However, they must poignantly put up with it as was seen in the previous days in similar situations.

This sudden notice appeared similar to the one tax levied a long time ago on the very use of the television in our great country. This was prevalent around the 1982 ASIAD held in New Delhi. Despite the license necessity for possessing the television set, the people did not spurn buying the electronic set for their delights. There used to be antennae for catching the signals in those days. When the past days’ license compulsion for the television could not restrict people bringing to use the set, there is no guarantee of turning away from the domestic pets. One’s hobby cannot be shunned by levying the high tax arrangement.

Although nothing effectual has come from Thoko Taali fame minister in Punjab yet he has not rejected the idea behind this kind of taxation. As Navjot Singh Siddhu was impervious, others showed a quick flash of anger. However, its perimeter is strictly restricted up to one particular agrarian state; its abrupt extension cannot be altogether rejected in the country’s other several states too. What has been brought about as an experiment might be extended in distinct ways? What is being looked upon at present is its gradual acceptance and broad success. Just now it has been centred around a brief duel of eyes.