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Rahul to adopt Modi surname

03, Jun 2019 By dexter73

The Congress Working Committee that met after the humiliating loss that the Congress suffered in the recent 2019 Lok Sabha elections has come up with a novel idea to resurrect the grand old party. It was decided that Rahul Gandhi, along with Sonia and Priyanka would now adopt ‘Modi’ as their surname in order to confuse people.

"Thanks for your surname", Rahul Modi thanking Narendra Modi
“Thanks for your surname”, Rahul Modi thanking Narendra Modi

In his new avatar, Rahul would also grow a beard and gain more fat to look like Narendra Modi himself. Sonia on the other hand, would assume the identity of Modis’ mother, Heeraben Modi.

There was considerable debate on whether Priyanka should adopt the surname Shah. However, it is learnt that A.K. Antony, the Congress stalwart would instead adopt this surname.

Sources tell this reporter that the idea was inspired by the original Nehruvian tactics as well as from the movie Matrix, where the hero-Neo conflates with the persona of the agents.

It is believed in the congress’ intellec tual circles that over time, the new Modi family be successful in dynastic politics, once again.