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Rahul Gandhi to donate his pocket money to fund farm loan waivers in Kerela

16, Jul 2019 By Sukriti Vats

Kerela: Congress member Rahul Gandhi declared on Wednesday that he will be donating his pocket money to fund farm loan waivers in Kerela, after witnessing the “terrible plight of farmers in the state.” The announcement came after his excursions to his new constituency, Wayanad, which his mother has forced him to make as a responsible Member of Parliament.

After witnessing the impoverished conditions of farmers, and the indifference of Central Government who failed to address his concerns, he has now decided take matters in his own hand. He says, “I get a massive amount of pocket money from my family every month, I will be happy to share some of that with these poor farmers of Kerela.”

Sorry Farmers, No Pocket No Money. Better luck next (election) time!
Sorry Farmers, No Pocket No Money. Better luck next (election) time!

Robert Vadra, who partially finances Mr. Gandhi’s pocket money is happy with his decision. He says, “this is a very mature decision on Rahul’s part. I am glad my money is going exactly where it came from.” Her mother Sonia Gandhi (also a veteran Congress leader) adds, “I has never been more prouder of my son. Finally, baba is making a good use of the money, instead of spending it all on that coca-cola shikanji.

Noted economist Raghuram Rajan, who was initially against the system of farm loan waivers, also backs Mr. Gandhi’s decision. He claims, this will not affect the fiscal deficit of the country. This is a great decision. Every wealthy mother should give their children lots of pocket money, so they can also grow up to become like Rahul Gandhi.”

BJP ministers sniggers at this recent move, calling it a show of “swanky activism.” Union Minister Rajnath Singh contends, “We are ready to offer a better alternative. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will himself inaugurate a GoFundMe page to raise money for this endeavour. While Rahul Gandhi can just go and shove his money in a piggy bank.”