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Rahul Gandhi to hold a press conference to explain the concept of GST to everyone

27, Jun 2017 By Vish

New Delhi. The Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi held a press conference in his party office yesterday to announce that he will hold another press conference (to be covered live) in a week’s time to explain GST in detail to the millions watching at home.

While he was was leaving, our reporter got hold of him for a brief interview. Following are the excerpts from his interview:

Reporter: “Sir, How did the idea come to your mind?”

RG: “Ye jo term hai na GST, ye bada use ho raha hai aajkal, social media pe, whatsapp pe. Everyday you will get one or two messages on GST on whatsapp. I too get it. Log use to kar rahe hain par unko pata hi nahi hai ki ye hai kya. There’s a mass confusion concerning it and i can clearly see that people are losing sleep over it. People use the term, they talk about it, forward it but don’t know its real meaning. Aakhir kab tak chalega aisa. The govt is not doing anything so i thought may be i should take up the mantle of explaining it to everyone.”

Revising GST
Revising GST

RG (continuing): There are even jokes being made on it and forwarded on whatsapp as to how difficult it is to explain or understand it. I’ll just show you. (RG then takes out his mobile phone and reads out a GST joke to the reporter). See, is it funny? No it is not. I mean yes the joke is funny but situation is not. We cannot let the youth of the country be misguided in any way. They are losing their precious time worrying about the GST. Once the confusion is clear, they will be able to focus on important things in life such as their studies and krishi development.”

Reporter: “Great sir! Why did you choose to explain it on live tv?”

RG: “I could have written a detailed explanation and forwarded it to all the people in my contacts but then, my message wouldn’t have reached the masses. Or even if it did, it would have taken a lot of time. People are lazy when it comes to forwarding messages on whatsapp. Even if you write the warning ‘Forward it to 20 people or be prepared to get bad luck in 24 hrs’ at the end of the message, they don’t do it. Hence, i decided to have a live press conference so that my message reaches maximum people at once.”

Reporter: “Ha ha! Sir, you have a good sense of humour.”

RG: “No seriously! At the time of 2014 general elections I too got such messages and i didn’t forward them to 20 people, thus, bringing bad luck to the whole party. Mumma still doesn’t know about it.”

Reporter (now a bit worried) : “Sir, if you could just give us an insight into your mind as to what you know about it and what to expect in the press conference..”

RG (interrupting): Well I cannot divulge a lot at this point in time. I am still working on it but just to give you an idea, it could mean anything. Like ‘Good Sweet Time’, ‘Go Sleep tutu’.. anything.. Don’t think of it as final though. I’ll decode it very soon.

Reporter: “Sorry, what?”

RG: “Yeah, I mean many such acronyms have been used on the social media in the past. Like gnsd, tc, ttyl, wb, btw, ttmm, rofl, lmao among many others. The social media vocabulary is growing richer by the day and now, one more word has been added in it. People will get used to the term GST like they have in the past with the other acronyms. There is nothing new in it.”

Reporter: “But Sir, what about the goods and service taxes?”

RG: “Please! We’ll talk about the taxes in another press conference. Let’s first focus at the task at hand.”

RG then left in his car without answering any further questions.