Rahul Gandhi joined crash course of Public Speaking for upcoming elections: Teacher throws him out of class

29, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

After discovering his weakness through lots of downs and downs, Rahul Gandhi was admitted to the school of political science and mindfulness. With elections around the corner like board exams, it was a pressure moment for him. On that, dumping all the gathered shit as a homework was a task in itself.

"They asked me to close my eyes like this", said Rahul Gandhi
“Outside the class-room”, said Rahul Gandhi

His teachers were very kind in accepting such students without any overhead management fees. Anyways, the competition in quota was not very tough to crack.

With Modi topping the class with the utmost respect. It was kind of difficult for Rahul, (Naam toh suna he hoga), to make his presence look worthwhile.

The boy still couldn’t handle the mood swings on stage and behaved like a puberty struck immature adolescence.

After hours of sessions, mock tests and surprise exams; his performance always disappointed teachers at different levels.

Our internal team found out all his homework was taken care of by servants or even outsourced in many cases. The teachers got to know about this cheating and he was de-throned from his reserved seat.

A few days later, tractors came running from all 4 directions and now the debate is going on whether it would become a mosque or a temple?

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