Wednesday, 26th June, 2019

Rahul Gandhi & many revelations

09, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

It is not always odd what we deeply criticise, what we heartily appreciate, and what we really decide to forget. The politicians adhering allegiance to different political parties are supposed to be more or less thinking in a similar manner. That is why there is forever and a day, a number of verbal arguments continue among them. They remain quite cautious in criticising others while sometimes show strong attitudes. In that  perspective, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi has recently flayed the present BJP government for getting to create its own purpose.

The Modi-led government has come to be known for too many leaks viz. Data Leak! Aadhaar Leak!  Election Date Leak! CBSE Papers Leak! There was the leak in everything; whatever has been remarked by Rahul Gandhi. Indeed these very facts were sarcastic enough to harden the ruling party leaders’ heart. This situation persisted just at the last time of its five-year term.

And the reaction was at once available with the Union Minister Ravi Shanker Prasad’s sour or sweet expression. He pointed out that Rahul Gandhi was remembering his days i.e. referring to the previous United Progressive Alliance rule. Congress leader’s tweet appeared to have hit the Bhartiya Janata Party that was why the counter replies occurred all along without much delay. It was though not lengthy one.

Was Rahul Gandhi reminding the BJP a few of its clear flaws during so many years of rule? Frankly, this was an absolute, fast criticism. Being the rival party top leader Rahul Gandhi leaves no chance in aiming at the inaptness of the BJP government. All the above-mentioned leaks are undoubtedly have drawn the attention of the people but these seem to be lost in the layer of the much-repeated film dialogue, bade bade sharo mein chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hein.