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Rahul Gandhi stands in toilet queue instead of ATM by mistake; cries money is missing

13, Nov 2016 By manishpaul

New Delhi. Carrying on his lethal protest against demonetization by Modi Government, Rahul Gandhi was left in an embarrassing situation today when he went out to show solidarity with people standing in ATM queues but instead joined a queue in front of a public toilet. The people around him welcomed him open-heartedly, though their faces were strained due to other issues in their minds.

Rahul Gandhi in bathroom queue
Rahul Gandhi in bathroom queue where also, he goes with his securities

“I was feeling ecstatic standing in the same queue as Rahul Gandhi himself. I had never imagined that politicians also have to face similar emergencies”, said Jal Kumar, the person standing before Rahul in the queue.

To grab media attention, Rahul showed the faces of the exhausted and nervous people standing in the queue to the cameramen and demanded that demonetization be reverted. He even went to the extend of blocking the toilet gate and not letting anyone inside as a symbol of protest, causing a lot of people to rush towards the bushes.

All congress karyakartas then stormed the gate with Rahul Gandhi, only to find closed doors and a few wash basins. Even then, Rahul was unable to understand that he had instead barged into a toilet and claimed that ATMs had been stolen by BJP supporters.

“All ATMs have been stolen and replaced with wash basins! This is the biggest scam in the history of India!”, shouted Rahul Gandhi followed by anti-Modi slogans.

The drama did not end there and Rahul forced open a closed door, only to find Arvind Kejriwal in an embarrassing situation, but what he admits was still better than the words Kejriwal publicly speaks. It was then that the Congress supporters, majority of them unable to read, realized that they had mistakenly entered a toilet instead of an ATM.

Sonia Gandhi has washed away this humiliating mistake of her son and called it an anti-BJP propaganda to defame the Congress president. She also added that he was instead supporting Swachhh Bharat Abhiyaan as he has finally understood the details now.