Rahul Gandhi was campaigning his position for US Presidential elections

15, Apr 2015 By Pavan

Las Vegas: The answer to where was the Heartthrob of Indian National Congress Mr. Rahul Gandhi has been finally found. Surprising everyone back in India, the youth icon was in the city of casino Las Vegas gambling his chances to become the president of United States of America.

Priyanka Gandhi foreseeing his future of becoming President of USA, while she will become President of INC
Priyanka Gandhi foreseeing his future of becoming President of USA, while she will become President of INC

Rahul Gandhi’s decision to fight for US Presidential elections has sent shock-waves across the India and many people are wondering what made him to take such a drastic step to get humiliated again by losing election in a different country altogether.

By bribing highly confidential sources, Faking News got in touch with Rahul Gandhi to get the insights on his Presidential campaign and he replied, “I am on a secret mission to showcase my intelligence throughout the world by becoming the President of USA. People fear and respect POTUS like no one else in the world and I want people to fear me just like bad people fear chhota bheem”. When reporter asked him why he wants to become President of USA instead of becoming President of INC and save his party back home, he said, “If I become President of USA then Narendra Modi will invite me to next Republic Day celebration as chief guest and I can campaign for Congress during my visit. Who will dare to ignore the command of POTUS”, articulated Rahul Gandhi.

When reporter questioned whether he will be fighting elections from Democratic Party or Republican Party, he said “I am trying to give rise to new political revolution in USA by founding a new party altogether and I have named the new party as Secular Party. As I have been part of the Secular party back in India since birth and our family has been the epitome of Secularism throughout the country since independence” bragged the youth icon.

While the maximum tenure an American President can hold his 8 years, but his followers believe he will holding US President’s office for 20 years.