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Reality slapping show

15, May 2019 By samy

There was again a slapping incident on the popular CM of Delhi. During a road show, someone came and jumped onto his vehicle and slapped him hard,

This gave the great leader more news coverage than he had got in the last one year. In fact this resulted in so many RTs and shares on social media that it was truly unbelievable. Endemad one of the top Production houses in the genre of reality shows sees this kind of coverage as an opportunity. The buzz is that they will start a Reality Show centred around “Slapping your Politician”.

बाबा की बात मानते हुए केजरी जी
Slapping Beauty!

There will be a mock Road Show simulated with real politicians propagating their cause. There would be security personnel deployed in plain clothes everywhere. The challenge would be to breach the layers of security and slap the politician. There would also be points for how hard and which part the contestant is able to slap.

The grapevine says that there are a lot of politicians who are keen to participate in this concept as that would give them a great opportunity to grab eyeballs that they are unable to get nowadays. The have a ready audience to communicate to without having to pay for travel, food and upar ka kharcha paani.

Politicians believe that this will result in great earned media on Social Networks thereby giving them good publicity. And yes as the dictum goes, no publicity is bad publicity.

For corporates too this concept is extremely lucrative. They feel that the layman would be very happy to see their politicians slapped in public. The kind of eyeballs and Social Reach that is expected from this Reality show is humongous and easily could dwarf the current Reality Show leaders like Indian Idol and Big Boss.

In terms of channels that might be interested to run this show, not only the General Entertainment Channels but also News Channels have shown great interest. For them it is a new type of content.

All in all it seems to be a win-win for all the stake holders and is expected to be aired during Prime Time.

The show is likely to be Titled “Thappad ki Goonj” or “#OneTightSlap”.

As part of Phase 2 they are looking to license with partners to create an online game where users can choose the politician they wish to slap and the setting as well.

Commercially this concept has so much potential that the industry is very excited about the prospects and waiting for the concept to be launched.