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Research attribute decrease in MNREGA work demand due to labourer's block

09, Nov 2016 By punvendra

The phenomenon which was prevalent in elite class especially in artist community, has finally trickled down to the poor as well. A new research which was conducted among the MNREGA workers who visited sites but spent time delegating work to fellow members has provided these new insights.

The selfie researcher, who himself faced writer’s block before finishing the thesis on last day of submission, has come up with findings that will completely “change the way you think about poor”. The researcher also made personal record of finishing the field visit in one day along with two other CSR events.

The researcher attributed high enrollment to lack of avenues for hobbies among rural work force. On being asked about the muster rolls during the thesis presentation, researcher replied that he already had breakfast. Then, he moved to the recommendations slides which contained measures to overcome labourer’s block. These included listening to favorite music and using colorful tools to mark the work-space.

The findings were published in a reputed Journal of Quora Intellectuals along with on Facebook although later, it was removed from Facebook because of it being reported spam.

In response to this research, MNREGA activist Nikhil Night has reverted that this has only trickled to elite poor and not the poor poor, thereby creating one more category to confuse the pseudo-academicians.