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Revamping the Indian Education

08, Dec 2014 By Prasad NP

As part of revival of Indian culture and Sanskriti Human Resources Ministry, headed by Shreemati Smriti Purani, who was once a bahu of Khandan e Veerani has come with a few proposals to be implemented with immediate effect, after her germs from Germany cleaning effort of removing German from curriculum.  Some of the BJP MPs have given a boost to her plans by declaring that Astrology is the real science. So after a lot of deliberations consultations with Internationally world famous is Dholakpur village, swamee Astroanand jee following proposals are to be implemented as soon as Shubh Mahurat is found.

  1. Astrology to be one of the main subjects in all the schools and colleges.
  2. Some of the topics to be taught as part of the curriculum would be : Nazar Bandhna, Bhoot Bhagana, Choodail Vashikaran, Peepal Poojan, Nag Vish Nivaran etc. As per our sources in the Ministry these are all part of our ancient tradition and our next generation needs to be learning about these.
  3. On line of IIMs and IIT government has proposed to start 5 new IMASS or Institute of Management of Astrology, Supernatural and Superstition. As per a spokesperson of the ministry western science too acknowledges these ancient sciences and that is why they added super before superstitions.
  4. The degrees are planned for this course will be at both graduate and post graduate level. Though not confirmed but it is speculated that these degree holders will be given a special 7.5 % quota in all government jobs. What is believed is that this special 7.5 % quota was recommended and demanded by Swami Shaneecharandand who is a specialized Tantrik with advanced powers to contain the ill effects of the Sadey Satee Dasha of Shaneechar, or Saturn, the planet with special place in our Occult Sciences.
  5. Our special correspondent checked with various strata of the society and found out reaction of various people. Some Minority Community scholars have termed this a lame attempt to try and impose majority Hindu view on the country. They have demanded that some of the beliefs prevalent in Minority communities should also be taught in universities and school. On asking to elaborate the same he mentioned that things like Jhaad Phoonk, Tabeez Making, Kala Ilam (Black Magic) should be part of the curriculam as they are also part of Indian culture.
  6. HRD Minister Shreemati Smriti Purani has agreed to formulate a special committee which will not only have Sadhu and Sants from Hindu Samaj but also representatives of other religions like Kale Ilam Ke Mahir Miyan Mahboob Pasha Aligarh Wale and prominent religious and spiritual leaders from Christians, Buddhist, Sikhs and other communities too.
  7. In order to make sure that students don’t just mug up the syllabus but also understands the same practically 30% marks in the exams will be given to practical exams where students will get a chance to show their proficiency in Capturing Bhoot, Finding Lost buffaloes with help of Mantras, showcase their ability to remove snake venom using Jhaad Phoonk process and make clouds in test tube by chanting mantras to please rain god Indra.

All sections of society has applauded the new moves and there is a mad rush among parents to line up to make sure their children get admissions into the new courses so that they can learn about our ancient traditions and knowledge and make a career out of it. Ministry has also requested all citizens to support the endeavors to revamp the Indian Education system they can email their suggestions directly to the Honorable Minsiter Shreemati Smriti Purani @HRD ministry dot com