Rohingyas decline Imran Khan’s “Welcome to Pakistan” offer

26, Jul 2018 By Kannan

Shocking entire media and the electorate of Pakistan, Prime Minister-Elect Imran Khan today said Pakistan would be welcoming Rohingyas currently fleeing Myanmar with open hands. “Insha Allah, if not Pakistan, the state that came into existence for Muslims, who else would offer home for Rohingyas?” he questioned. While common citizens were wondering how the Rohingyas became more important to the new leader than his own citizens, most of the clerics who supported Imran Khan during his campaign along with the all-mighty Pakistani Army have expressed joy at his decision.

Imran Khan welcoming Rohingyas with all love
Imran Khan welcoming Rohingyas with all love


Speaking to Star-e-Moon reporter Chand Nawab, the mastermind of many peaceful terrorist activities, Hafiz Sayeed said the decision would boost spiritual economy of Pakistan. Of late, recruits from Kashmir and Afghanistan have become less and our training camps are half-empty. We are paying however, full salaries to all the trainers. As the enrolled students are less, funds from Saudi too had dried up. With the influx of Rohingyas, an economic boom in the hills of North West frontier is expected, he felt.

While the Army has not passed any comment officially, Pappu-e-Pakistan Bilawal Bhutto on record questioned the decision. “Of course, I am a fool to comprehend the intricacies of international diplomacy, but training Rohingyas in our world famous ‘Terror Schools’ is against the local youth. With so many poor Pakistanis willing to become suicide bombers are searching are idling at homes without job, bringing Rohingyas and training them is totally uncalled for” he said. His party PPP would be protesting against this decision in the market area of Peshawar.

A Big No…

However, leader of Zamaat-e-Rohingyas doesn’t sound happy at the prospects of going to Pakistan. “What is the point in going to Pakistan, when we have India in between” he said. In fact, his reasoning has outweighed the statements of Pakistani politicians.

‘We are Banglas. And, we are not welcome even in Bangladesh. And, even proper Banglas could not remain with Pakistan and had to fight to have a separate country. Our first priority is to split Myanmar and create a Rohingyastan. If we can’t do that staying in Bangladesh is the next best option as it has an added advantage as we can travel into and out of India too. We work hard, and both in Bangladesh and India, we can live better than in Pakistan, though personally I am more biased towards India. It is easier to get proper documentation in India than in Bangladesh. And, Indian intellectuals always support external elements like us making India a better destination”.

After this statement, he requested to talk only off the record, so he can speak the truth. “Do you know why Pakistan is welcoming us? It is not out of love but the need. There is a dearth of funds to continue stalled CPEC projects. China has already started playing devil by asking Pakistan to start paying interest on the funds China spent on incomplete projects. And, Pakistan wants to complete the projects first. So, the Army has planned to complete all incomplete projects by using manual labour in the form of Rohingyas. Some of us would even be exported to African nations, to cultivate large tracts of land bought by China. Living between physically stronger Africans is not a thing to look for. And, most of our people are afraid of the ultimate job offer i.e., working in China. In China, we can’t even pray on roads. We can’t practice polygamy and even beards are not allowed”.

He paused for a minute before continuing. “Of course in Pakistan, longer beards and multiple wives are allowed. But, our lives would shorten” he sighed.