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Salman's lawyer disappointed; says he deserves to be the Defence Minister

16, Mar 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Manohar Parrikar’s return to Goa as CM created an urgent vacancy for the post of Defence Minister. Well, not anymore; Arun Jaitley has been sworn in as the Defence Minister and will handle both, finance and Defence Ministry. Although the decision sounds pretty simple, it has its critics in various walks of lives. One noted personality among the critics is Salman Khan’s lawyer. Harish Salve.

Though shocking, the argument provided by Harish is as interesting as a Raju Hirani movie.

"Everyone knows that I am blessed with the talent of defending the indefensible. Have I asked anything more?", said harish Salve.
“Everyone knows that I am blessed with the talent of defending the indefensible. Have I asked anything more?”, said harish Salve.

Harish, as we all know was the savior of Salman in the black buck case where he fought hard and saved his client from imprisonment. No one has ever defended a client like Harish has.

With popular sentiment not in favor of Salman, as more people are speaking against bias towards celebrities in judicial proceedings, Harish stood his ground, used all his skills, and came out victorious. Now he feels he can defend India the way he defended Salman. No disagreement there. “In fact Arun Jaitley was not even able to defend the BJP against the Congress in Punjab, so how can he defend India”, argues Salve.

Well, looking at the number of reforms BJP has promised after the UP election results, the job of a finance minister should be tough in coming times and Jaitley should keep himself busy looking after the nation’s account. The defence ministry should be given to a person who is capable, and has proved himself in tough conditions.

Gaining confidence from Salve’s arguments, other noted personalities have also started PR activities for their candidature. One of them being the hockey defender Dilip Tirkey who represented India for more than 15 years.

Well, looking at the uproar, it seems like BJP will look into the matter and make an informed decision.