Sunday, 24th February, 2019

Sapna Chaudhary may start political career

03, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The Haryanvi singer and dancer Sapna Chaudhary seemed to have learnt of success mantra in life. That is why she aims at politics. In this regard, she even appeared at the Congress Party’s headquarters in Delhi. It wholly indicates something politically significant. She needed to go to the party office to see party’s senior leaders. What lies in singing and dancing. Once succeeded in politics always remains happy.

However, she pointed out that she was reaching at party’s headquarters in order to enhance her poor general knowledge. She was correct as a new entrant to politics always increases political knowledge and only after then entrusts life into people’s service. Though she approached Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, it confirmed her intention. It was not a sudden visit to the party’s head office. Surprisingly asinine to others but the purpose was perfectly clear.

She was supposed to be getting closer to the party a little bit. Indications are rife about her joining the party. She knows well enough if she discloses anything about her connection with that particular party, the media persons would pester her enormously.

She wanted to be part of a larger crowd and the politics that serves her point to the fullest. She was more focused even so.

All she was doing until now was evading them as wisely as she could possibly do. Her brain was not a bit cloudy in regards to joining the political party. Her dancing has given a lot of fame and this popularity could prove quite helpful in garnering the political goal.

Sometimes it was nice to keep others guessing of the apparent decision. Definitely, she has chosen an apt time to start her political career. She understands what is a right time for the public life where age matters least.