Shashi Tharoor to teach Verbal Ability to CAT Aspirants

27, May 2017 By arushdixit
Shashi Tharoor in his first lecture
Shashi Tharoor in his first lecture

Ahmedabad: Shashi Tharoor has been in news for all the wrong reasons of late. However the proclivity of using unorthodox words has finally done some good to the wordsmith. One of the best CAT coaching institute in country, M3 (MBA+MBA=MBA) has hired Mr. Tharoor to prepare their students for the onerous task.

Mr. Satpal Yadav, spokesperson of M3 on conditions of anonymity said ‘Verbal ability for our students has always been a challenge and with Mr. Tharoor at the helm of the affairs, we are much more confident’.Apparently, Mr. Tharoor has already started and the students have been all gung ho about the classes. One of the students Kumari Pooja Rapchik (Instagram:MahRulzMahLyf) added ‘He is Lyk Fab and so kewl when he says Kalmoohi (Read: Calumny) or Failado (Read:Farrago)’.

When our Faking News correspondent called Mr. Tharoor, he didn’t answer but his voice mail said ‘With deep compunction, I inform that due to the accretion in the number of calls I won’t be able to answer now. Please adumbrate the reason of the call and in cases of extreme urgency, accost my man Friday’.