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Shatrugan Sinha hits rocks from a slingshot at PM Modi and Amit Shah

05, Apr 2018 By shaanakauwa

Shatrugan Sinha hits rocks from a slingshot at PM Modi and Amit Shah outside parliament.

Frustrated at continuously trying in vain to get expelled from BJP by top party’s leadership, Shatrugan Sinha came with an unique and age old method to embarrass and get attention of BJP’s top leadership.

In a shocking incident,In the wee hours of parliament when PM Modi and Amit shah were entering Parliament building, Shatrugan Sinha waiting and hiding behind shrubs in parliament lawn since past one hour, suddenly sprang up and aimed a full stretched slingshot at Amit shah and hit him with a rock on his stomach, everyone were shocked and awed and before one could understand, he pulled another rock and hit PM Modi on his chest and ran away with Yashwant Sinha straight inside parliament Hall.

When asked to comment on the incident Mr. Sinha recalling his school days said, “Hum headmaster ko bhi aise hi maara karte thay jab woh humme fail karte thay, to fir yeh chapadganju kya cheez hai, bhakk”, When reporters approached Amit shah and PM Modi for their reaction, Amit Shah quickly changing his expression from frowned to smiling and replied, “Wo humare senior hai, aur unka haq banta hai,koi baat nahi”, and sheepishly went inside Rajya sabha with PM Modi, thus confirming the fact that he won’t remove Shatrugan Sinha from party and fulfill his ultimate desire since past 4 years.

When Shatrugan Sinha was informed that he was still not removed from BJP, he went blank faced for 19 minutes and when cajoled by Yashwant Sinha and Arun shorie, regained his senses and with a grin replied, “Koi baat nahi, agli baar uski office ke room mein sutli bomb phodunga, aur fir bhi nahi maana to office ke bahar Sonakshi ki film dikha dunga.” alarmed Amit Shah and PM Modi ordered an urgent meeting with the heads of IB and R&AW to avert the latter calamity.