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Shiv Sena blames Biharis for stealing Mumbai's thunder and taking it to Gurgaon

29, Jul 2016 By goonercooker

Gurgaon. Whereas BMC is shocked that there is no large-scale flooding till now in the city, Gurgaon went full berserk. After receiving national attention from media across the nation and being the top trend on twitter and Facebook, Gurgaon just said “Hatt Ja Tau” to Mumbai. After 16 hours of continuous traffic jams, 223 road blocks, 556 car-breaks, 1008 street-fights and a million other expletives, the political blame game still hasn’t stopped.

Mumbai's stolen fame
Mumbai’s stolen fame

While Arvind Kejriwal has been blaming PM Modi for trying to drown the city, the Delhi Police has silently taken 7 more AAP MLAs into custody. Haryana government blames the NHAI (National Hawas Authority of India), the organization responsible for youth development in the city. Simultaneously, the Punjab-Haryana water dispute has settled with the former realizing that the latter doesn’t need any more water after these floods. But, the real political battle was fired up between Shiv Sena and Shiv Sena (Gurgaon Chapter). While the former blamed the latter for stealing their thunder whereas their own city of dreams Mumbai is thirsty (for limelight), the latter has replied convincingly. In the Party’s Official Office of Purpose (P. O. O. P), a statement was given on how the original Shiv Sena has failed in inspiring the Mumbai youth to be more violent and bigger Tharkis whereas they are doing a much better, progressive job. After vehemently exchanging statements, the two organizations called a truce agreeing that the people of Bihar are the real culprit.

The largely ignored people of Gurugram stuck playing Russian Roulette in traffic were interviewed by Faking News reporter. A man who tried to run over the entire line of vehicles with his Fortuner was asked why he did it. He replied that he had played the song “Hatt Ja Tau” but nobody moved as opposed to the usual scenario on Gurugram roads. Not having faced this situation before, he didn’t know what to do and kept going straight.

Hashtags like Pray For Gurugram have already started surfacing the social media with people saying rains, floods and jams have no religion (or region). Gurugram is now facing its worst predicament and this article had to be finished before the power backup failed and caused a complete blackout.