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Stone found Kejriwal's rice, AAP blames BJP

07, Apr 2014 By dexter73

AAP convener Mr. Kejriwal fired a fresh salvo against the BJP after a stone was found in his rice. The stone was precisely weighed to 200 milligrams by a fifty- member AAP committee over a period of 60 days.

“Sab chor hain”

The sample has been sent to the national forensic lab for expert analysis, including DNA testing.

Mr. Kejriwal claimed that the stone was planted during the harvesting process by Modiji himself.

“This is in retaliation to my statement that land grabbing has been taking place in Gujarat. They want to prove that I am also grabbing land by this ploy .”

When a reporter enquired how the committee to measure the stone was setup, Mr. Kejriwal pointed out to his internal lokpal rules:

“The committee was meticulously chosen so that it includes our MP candidates from across the country. For all candidates, one bullock cart was provided to reach our testing venue. So if you do not see our representative in your state, be assured that he or she is still travelling for this important mission.”

He also refuted some media reports suggesting that he has used internal funds to hire a chartered plane to reach the testing venue.

“All my travelling expenses were born by the Federal Office for Ration Development (FORD). I challenge Modiji to come clean on who sponsors his stone counting activities.”

When this reporter asked how he can be sure this was not fabricated by AAP itself, Mr. Kejriwal shot back:

“I challenge Modiji to provide us the entire raw footage of what he has been doing the last few months and prove to us that he is not the culprit.”

Mr. Kejriwal promised to monitor each and every rice sack for such stones if AAP comes to power:

“All our elected MPs will spend their time sorting out BJP stones from rice sacks across the country. We will resign even if one stone escapes our attention.”

He also said that his party was considering to change its political slogan to “Jagoo, Utho, hamare dal me kuch kala hai.”

Mr. Kejriwal also dismissed allegations that his party has no international agenda.

“We plan to export the stones that we collect to places such as Saudi-Arabia to earn much needed foreign revenue,” said a beaming Kejriwal.