Monday, 20th January, 2020

More Suggestions from Rajasthan High Court

09, Jun 2017 By electroman

After Suggesting to declare cow as the national animal and awarding life sentence for people slaughtering it, Rajasthan High Court had some more precious gems to offer. Here are some of them below.

Declare cow dung as Mint Chutney

Declare cow dung as Mehendi

Declare cow dung as Palak

Declare cow urine as Sprite

Declare cow urine as Rose water

Declare cow urine as Distilled water

Declare cow urine as Saline Solution

Declare cow urine as Holi water(should be used with pichkari only)

Declare cow fart as Anesthesia

Declare cow pie as national dish

More declaration yet to come, Since they were busy analyzing peacock tears to find achhe din.