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Surgical Strike 2: Home Ministry to drop pamphlets explaining Kashmiriyat over terror camps

15, Jul 2017 By manithan

New Delhi: In response to the recent attacks on Amaranth Yatra by terrorists in Kashmir, Home Ministry has suggested radical measures.

A highly placed source within Home Ministry spoke from his home, “Amarnath Yatra attack has enraged the Home Minister like never before. When he heard of the news, he was so enraged that he took a flower vase and tried to throw it as the mirror. But his servant said that the vase was made by innocent Kashmiris. He immediately kept the flower vase back in its place and prostrated before it. He had reportedly said to his servant ‘to preserve Kashmiriyat at any cost’ and broke Ganesh idol instead to soothe his anger.”rajnath singh

“Immediately, a meeting happened in Home Ministry. In that, it was planned to conduct another surgical strike inside Pakistan occupied Kashmir.”, said the source.

While previous surgical strike was leak-proof to the journos, Faking News is the first to access this news. Upon pressing for more details, the source revealed the Modus Operandi of the Surgical Strike 2.

“Pamphlets are being printed 24/7 in Govt press. Rajnath Singh himself has penned prose for the pamphlet. Proofreaders have said that ‘the prose would put Nehru in shame for not understanding Kashmiriyat this much’.”, revealed the source.

“We are all positive about terrorist giving up their cowardly terror attitude and work towards making Kashmir a great state after reading those pamphlets describing Kashmiriyat. Even Ram Madhav was moved to tears reading the pamphlet. Our stealth air force planes will drop these pamphlets outside LeT, JuD, ISJK, IM and other minor Kashmiri terrorist groups within this week. Surely, those terrorist will surrender and exhibit the greater good that is called Kashmiriyat.”, the source disconnected our call.