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#SwachhBharat now launched in Silicon Valley

01, Oct 2015 By Mr. FatSmeagol

SwachhBharat Goes International

“Under the Glorious leadership of the Hon’ Prime Minister Modi, the Ruling party of India has successfully launched the PM’s pet project Swachh Bharat in the Silicon Valley of the America.” Amit Shah the President of the Bharatya Janta Party announced earlier today at a press conference.

Since many of the Bharatya Sanskrit Indians live in these Valleys it is of the opinion of the Hon’ PM to create firm bonds with the COs of Silicon valley and the NRIs residing there. In lieu with this decision the PM and the Bharatya Janta Party decided that it was time to go International with the already successful campaign, the Swachh Bharat Campaign. (*Reporter’s note: No one knows why the Swachh is spelt with two “h”s, might be a pronunciation thing.)

Amit Shah then went on to detail how the Bharatya Janta Party managed this operation; “We communicated with our counterparts over at Alliance For Justice And Accountability. We proposed to them the plan. There was some negotiations but they agreed. The Bharatya Janta Party and AFJAA distributed Free Hand Sanitizers in Silicon Valley to mark this momentous occasion”.

Yet another triumph in the growing list of achievements that PM Modi has gartered together since he begun his epic International journey. #JaiModiSarkar